Quotes & Notes:The very important topic that nobody wants to talk about with Deanna L. Robinson

  • At that moment [of sickness and pain] I was like, “I get to. I get to be in pain. I get to get up in the middle of the night and deal with a fussy baby.” That changed my attitude of how I looked at what ended up being 13 years of suffering, it is that I was grateful, for at least I was here raising my kids.
  • I’m going to start living as if this is healthy.
  • What if they got educated in personal skills at the same time they got educated in the drill and fill skills?
  • First, you set your goal, and then you work backward.

Be grateful for your life.

  • What we know about suicide is a lot of individuals who take their life by suicide, many of them, are substance abusers.
  • Someone can’t say yes if you don’t ask them, and a no really doesn’t hurt.

How we do anything is how we do everything.

  • Just like they (the dentist) make the suggestion for their patient to come in and get their teeth cleaned, what are they doing to make sure they the dentist is doing the checkup on themselves?
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