Many dentists continuously search for the next big thing but understand that if you are trying to hit home runs, you will have to be okay with striking out a lot — upset patients, leadership, failures, and business challenges. You have to let it go. That guilt and shame are serving no one. 

Relentless Dentists, you have to discover the insane power of a carefully crafted flywheel.

If you want to truly:

  • harness the forces of momentum and compounding;
  • hear about the four flywheels that can shift your practice from Good to Great;
  • enjoy more cash flow so you can push mega-competitive advantages for your dental practice;

This episode is for you!

It’s time to go into your CEO time and say, “What is the flywheel that I should build now?”

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Key Quotes:

  • “The stuff you don’t really want to address, those are the things that you get the most leverage on when you do address them.”
  • “Once you have momentum, be a healthy level of paranoid that you don’t lose momentum because you can use that force of nature to your advantage and create a mega competitive advantage.”
  • “We have to define the game that we’re playing and the rules of engagement.”
  • “Everyone in your practice, no matter how logical they are, is still an emotional creature.”
  • “Team building requires an aggressive communication cadence. You can’t leave this to chance. You can’t do it on the fly. You have to set aside time for communication.”
  • “More of your patients will refer you if you are good about requesting and recognizing the referrals. So make it easy for patients to refer you.”
  • “Your most vocal patients, those one-star reviewers, sometimes seem like they’re kind of lunatics. But there may be some truth in what they’re telling you. So don’t be so proud to write them off.”
  • “If you want to win at the game of practice ownership, you will stop being a dentist and start being a marketer of dental services.”
  • “Commitment is a 100% word. And if you feel like you’re not building confidence, use this as a diagnostic tool. It may mean that you’re just not committed to the clear outcome you just created.”

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