Quotes and Notes:

  • Value is a perception, not a calculation. Fred Joyal on "How Your Patients Perceive You" - RD Podcasts
  • Dentistry is perceived as a much lower value by most people than it actually brings to their lives.
  • Patients care more about their experience than your expertise!
  • [Everything in the practice] is either increasing my willingness to be a patient and to accept treatment or it’s decreasing it.  Nothing you do is neutral!
  • This environment is about helping people understand why dentistry is important.
  • It always starts with building the team. You’ve got to have 100% of the team choosing a good attitude every day.
  • Everyone should be greeted by name.
  • Answer the phone . . . 1 out of 4 calls goes to voice-mail.
  • 60% of first-time callers that go to voice mail, never call back.
  • Fifty percent of bad reviews can be fixed with an apology . . . It’s always easier to acknowledge it and fix it.
  • Have a systematic, consistent process of generating new reviews.
  • You can pretend that human nature isn’t true, but it’ll be to your detriment.  Most people spend most of their money irrationally.
  • The #1 app used by 5x is Facebook . . . you don’t need to be Tweeting every day.
  • It’s so important to have a good, clean, modern website with ever-changing content.
  • It’s a very emotional decision for most people to choose a dentist.
  • Who among us cannot register indifference in five seconds??? You don’t ever want to be projecting indifference in a healthcare/service environment.
  • A dentist has to be a leader.  You are in charge of that environment.  It all radiates from you.
  • 32% of your dormant patients have found another dentist.

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