Quotes & Notes:What is Oral Wellness? with Dr. Tom Larkin - RD Podcast

  • I know almost everybody in my class was ready to go out and start a practice when they graduate, but today that is a rarity. The young students don’t feel prepared.
  • At the end of the day, oral infections are a pretty simple thing to treat when you know what you are going after. Everything boils down to risk assessment.
  • Here’s what dentists need to know when you approach patients this way (with the saliva test), because if someone fails this test everything you do from that point forward is guaranteed to fail.
  • Very aggressive movement (of bacteria on the digital display) is a disease and a slide biofilm that is quite is healthy.

We are looking for balance, so when things are out of balance, that means disease. Getting back into balance is a relatively simple thing once you have some products and just a little bit of expertise.

  • I am of the opinion that every tooth should be sealed, from young adult and adult, because I am putting an insurance policy against future biology.
  • If you have a hygiene department that is efficient and productive I see so many people that come in more confident.
  • Don’t be afraid of stepping out.
  • You need to practice what you preach. If I am going to talk about periodontal disease, then I better make sure that my mouth is healthy.

If you would like to learn more from Dr. Tom Larkin then you can email him at tom@tomlarkin.com or go to his website, oralwellnesscenter.org.

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