Quotes & Notes:Dr. Michael DiTolla: Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

  • “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors,” African Proverb.

There are always ways, whether it be tips or tricks, to get good results even if you don’t have a great set of hands.

  • I didn’t want it to appear that I was doing things that the audience couldn’t do, in fact I wanted them to know that if I could do this, they certainly could do this.
  • It really wasn’t until I got the opportunity to start doing some videos with Glidewell that I saw, oh my gosh, people are doing better things than this.
  • I’ve just always loved having a microphone in my hand, and so wanting to start the lecture is just based on that same type of thing.
  • I learned, know your room, know who you are telling your story to, and then always be willing to turn to experts.

When you are speaking, even in dentistry, when you disclose things about yourself as a father or a husband or whatever, that’s when people get to know you and when that connection is formed.

  • If you just get involved with digital impressions, there simply is no faster way to become a better dentist.
  • Dr. DiTolla would recommend every dentist read Success Through Stillness by Russell Simmons.

If you would to learn more from Dr. DiTolla you can go to drditolla.com or email him at mcditolla@mac.com. You can also look up reverse preparation on YouTube to learn his process. Be sure to take a listen to his podcast, The Accidental Geniuses.

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