We often complete trainings on and talk about things we only use and do on occasion, but we tend to put important things that we use all the time—like communication—on the back burner. In this episode, Dr. Chris Bowman joins me to break down the importance of communicating more effectively. We discuss the obligation we have to our patients and how communication will help us fulfill what is ethical and incredibly beneficial to them and our practices.

Listen in as Chris shares where most dentists miss out on having maximum satisfaction from their practice, as well as how to make better decisions and present options to patients in a consistent and practical manner. You’ll learn the issues with confidence that affect our ability to do these things, how we tend to make judgments that are off, and what makes patients more likely to follow our advice.

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Key Quotes:

  • “The biggest difference between the dentists who do well and the dentists who don’t is those who just get into it and do it.”
  • “Telling someone something they don’t want to hear takes courage.”
  • “There are certain skills that will get replaced by machines, but things like communication and connection—that human need will never be replaced.”
  • “We have an obligation to let patients know what we can do for them, as well as the things that are or are not moving in the direction they want it to go.”
  • “Patients are more likely to follow our advice when they know we ethically have their back.”
  • “Everyone wants the problems that they know they have to go away. So if we get really good at explaining the problems and conditions and how those things are not going the way that they want, then we can get really effective at gaining acceptance for our treatment recommendations.”
  • “It becomes more about presenting and selling a problem rather than presenting and selling a solution.”

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