Quotes & Notes:"You're responsible!" with Dr. Aaron Nicholas - Relentless Dentist Podcast

  • I looked for practices to purchase, and went around and didn’t really see anything that I liked and so I decided that I would open up from scratch.
  • Perception is reality, it’s kind of my big thing.

I remember reading some studies, somewhere that said: A patient has to hear things five or six times before it actually entered up in the brain.

  • I kind of felt like I just been searching my way in the dark, my whole career…I look behind me, I’m like Wow, that worked out really well.
  • Is the business and the constantly changing landscape of that…it kept me interested.
  • Before you, out of hands go no, there is no way, take a look and see if that makes sense.
  • I will pick CE courses based on can I go home Monday morning and can I then start doing this stuff? So then it will help my practice out.
  • You are responsible. Doesn’t matter what it is, stuff happens and you do whatever you do. You are responsible.

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