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  • You know what? I want to switch this up, I’m going to revolve my practice around my life.

I have developed my practice to fit the lifestyle I wanted.

  • At the end of the day, None of it has been to, you know, just because “I want to be rich”. It’s I like the income because of the freedom that it buys me. And the freedom that I get to spend with my family, is predominately why I do it, it’s just some “money can’t buy”.
  • We do good and I wouldn’t trade the lifestyle that it affords me for anything. It’s just, there’s no trade.

I’m a big believer you can pretty much accomplish whatever it is you want in life if you want it bad enough. For me at least if I want something bad enough I’m going to figure it out.

  • I was talking with my mom about kind of the different opportunities I can pursue in college and I was really hem and haw about going more than four years (…) I don’t want to be stuck in college until the 26th and then she stopped me and said: You know what? You’re going to be 26 either way, and it’s going to be here before you know it and then she told me you can be anything you want to be.
  • The biggest thing I have learned in dentistry since I started that is really taking my practice to a different level is the realization that for me Dentistry is 80% about people, 20% about teeth. I like I said earlier, I think all of us know how to do crowns, we all know how to get composites, most of us are getting to the point where we can do a little bit of ortho, or implants, etc. But at the end of the day the people who are rising above are the ones who can manage people and not just manage your staff but manage your patients.
  • All comes down to relationships with the patients.
  • You don’t have to be Dentist 5 or 10 years to really gain success, but you have to be intentional about it, you’ve got to learn you’ve got to get the right help and if you do, you can shortcut that learning curve tremendously.

To learn more about his academy and services, you can go to thelifestylepractice.com. You can also email him at justin@thelifestylepractice.com

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