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  • Especially in orthodontics . . . whenever you finish a case, you are pretty much out of business again.Dr. Donna Galante's Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcasts
  • “Tell me and I will listen.  Teach me and I will learn.  Involve me and I will become accomplished.” -Ben Franklin
  • Just go do it!
  • You can take seminars, you can read books, you can do everything possible but until you take that step where you actually are involved in the doing of it, you will never know the success that you could have.
  • Just keep your sights on whatever it is you want to achieve.
  • Halfway through my school I decided that I wanted to become a dentist [instead of medical] for at the time I felt it was a much better lifestyle, especially as female who wants to raise a family and work normal work hours.
  • When I started off down this path of orthodontics and practice ownership I absolutely had no clue about anything.
  • Back when I started, we had no computers in our office, and now we are paperless.
  • I think I became the person that I am because I was almost kinda forced into it.
  • Authors to read are Jay Abraham, J. Conrad Levinson, and Dan Kennedy.
  • I love what I do so much that I am scared of not being able to do it for some reason
  • Dr. Donna Galante would recommend Dan Kennedy’s The No B.S. Series for all dentists to read. Most important of the bunch would be The NO B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs.
  • When go to realizing that there are many things in your practice that is going well, that is when you can start feeling like “Yeah, wow.  I am doing a good job.”
  • You can reach Dr. Donna Galante at www.drdonnagalante.com as well as emailing her at drdonna@drdonnagalante.com.

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