Staying Sane and Excelling Under Pressure with Dr. Cristian Pavel

Most of our practices have been thrown into more than a little bit of a curveball as we limit our access to patients, try to protect our teams, and more to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re wondering what’s next and how to stay sane in this lockdown mode, Dr. Cristian Pavel carries some important insight and information that will help you greatly during this difficult time and encourage you to move forward.

Listen in as I share my own breakthrough and Cristian opens up about his journey in dentistry, as well as how he is using yoga to relax, get in touch, encourage acceptance, and increase his mental strength. Many of us burn out or resort to things that damage us or others in challenging times, but we talk about how you can break free from the normal and become more comfortable with where you are and where you’re going.

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Key Quotes:

  • “The language we use in our minds dictates everything.”
  • “Pressure is the greatest blessing.”
  • “Adversity helps us reveal our character, and right now is the greatest opportunity for that.”
  • “We’ve always been trained and reinforced in survival mode.”
  • “Go into things with curiosity—not just with the intention to ‘slay’ it.”
  • “There’s only one failure in my book, and that’s not trying.”

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