Coty Shores on Courage and Continuous Improvement - RD Podcast

It’s easy to see the highlight reel of peoples’ careers and think that things should be easier. Coty Shores shares how important it is to embrace the “dark side” of your career and use it to motivate you and push you forward. He also gives us some great inspiration when it comes to learning from people you admire and endeavoring to constantly improve yourself and your skills.

Coty touches on the role of courage and how he beat the odds and proved people wrong to get where he is today. He emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and how he has had massive success with blood spinning and its incredible, life changing procedures. Coty also shares some insight on successful team management, delivering value and finding the grit to get through what’s hard.

Key Quotes:

  • “I’ve always heard – “Oh it will cost you their year salary to train a staff member..” – Well, they cost you about three times that much by keeping that terrible staff member around.”
  • “They confuse courage with, like you said, having no fear.. and that’s a problem. You’re always going to be scared, you just gotta push through and have the grit to do it.”
  • “You can’t outrun your team.”
  • “That’s what you gotta do with life – you have to take the negative and learn from it.”
  • “Your failures are where you learn everything that’s gonna move you forward.”
  • “It’s really about being better for your patients.”
  • “Always remember that with all the success that you see, there was late nights and a lot of missed events and all kinds of stuff.”
  • “Once you get in the middle of it, don’t quit. Have that grit. Have that piss-off determination to get it done.”

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