Part III: Dr. Mark Costes’ Practice Growth Bootcamp – Patient Reactivation

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  • The bottom line is we have a huge bank of patients that fall out of our active patient base and never hear from us again.
  • What we do is anyone who is past 12 months, we put them in a very specific system of reactivation.
  • It is much easier to get that patient who has already been to your practice than some stranger to respond to some external ad.
  • Generate a list of people that have been out of your office for more than 12 months, from newest to oldest. Then write a series of letters that say basically this:
    • “Hey, this is Dr. David and we miss seeing you around here. We know that life can get away from you but we haven’t seen your beautiful smiling face for the last 12 months (or however long it has been). As a ‘get reacquainted offer’ we would like to offer you a free exam and x-ray if you come into your cleaning.  So if you call before X date we will give you this free cleaning and x-ray.”
  • So you want to reach out to these people four times reminding them that the deadline is rapidly approaching and that they can come back in.
  • I spoke about my offsite assistant in a past interview with you. My offsite assistant is responsible for the birthday card program, the reactivation program, and the referral program.

These things really show the patients that you care.

  • The ADA did a study and the top three reasons that people don’t follow through with an appointment or don’t go to the dentist in the first place are because of time, fear of pain, and fear of money.
  • As far as money goes, we have flexible payment options that go as far as three months of internal financing.
  • There are a million different ways to administer painless anesthetic. And if you can master the best way you will build your practice faster than any other procedure that you learn how to do.
  • We have a ten-minute rule at our practice. We make sure that when the patient is out of the reception area, within ten minutes of their appointment time and greeted by some sort of provider. And then we always strive to get them out within that hour/ half hour allotted patient time.
  • Be sure to check out the dental success summit, which takes place on March 20th and 21st in Scottsdale Arizona at the Scottsdale Resort, if you want to hear more from Dr. Mark Costes. 

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Part II: Dr. Mark Costes’ Practice Growth Bootcamp – Patient Retention

Quotes & Notes:Part II: Dr. Mark Costes' Practice Growth Bootcamp - Patient Retention

  • One of the biggest mistakes I see dental offices make, is they will get all excited, maybe they read and article or maybe they pick up my book or a similar book about dental marketing or how to entice people to call your office and then they forget to even tell the staff that they are sending out these beautiful new ads or all of the offers that they are putting out.
  • A big disconnect is that you need to get the staff on board.
  • Rapport begins with the first time they pick up that phone.
  • Keep it simple, maybe one or two offers at a time.
  • Try to make sure there is a certain flow when they [receptionists] use when they answer the phone.
  • Firsts things first, you have to make sure the person answer the phone is the right type of person.
  • If you can’t get them to be a pleasant person on the phone then they might be sitting in the wrong chair.  I am not necessarily saying that you have to let them go.

Know everything that is happening as far as your marketing.

  • Categorize the call right from the beginning.
  • The new patient takes precedence over everything else that goes on.
  • Google call tracking.
  • You can help your team just by letting them listen to themselves and they can be self critical.
  • Any dead space is the opportunity to build more rapport.
  • If you send a packet in the mail, with testimonials of 30 to 40 happy patients, that is pre-framing trust and that will decrease a lot of barriers before the patients walk in.
  • When they walk into the office for the very first time, its so huge that you guys have a culture in place, in the Ritz Carlton they have the 5/10 rule.
  • Any chance we get to dig into peoples personal life, we take it.
  • We have 3,000 active patients at our office and 9,000 charts on the wall, so there is no way that we are going to remember the bits and pieces about each and every person. But our little prompt makes everything a lot easier.
  • We have an offsite assistant, and this offsite assistant is in charge of our birthday card program. So what we do is we have a customized birthday card that each person signs in a different color ink.  We have a relationship with the restaurant across the street, and that restaurant will give a free dessert to each and every person that comes in with this card.
  • I think there is a time and a place when it comes to digital. I think there is a time and a place for each different type of media and I think it comes down to tracking what is more effective by doing certain types of surveys.
  • Be sure to check out the dental success summit, which takes place on March 20th and 21st in Scottsdale Arizona at the the Scottsdale Resort, if you want to hear more from Dr. Mark Costes. 

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Part I: Dr. Mark Costes’ Practice Growth Bootcamp – Patient Attraction

Quotes & Notes:Part I: Dr. Mark Costes' Practice Growth Bootcamp - Patient Attraction

  • Make your phone ring with these smart external marketing strategies.
  • Dr. Costes’ Dental Success Institute is dedicated to strategically improving the lives of dentists by increasing the profitability of their practices, eliminating their most common challenges and frustrations, while decreasing the amount of time they spend at the office.


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Colin Receveur: You can attract the patients you want online!

Quotes & Notes:Colin Receveur: You can attract the patients you want online! - RD Podcast

  • You have to get in front of them.  The old school advertising term is impressions. You have to get them to your website.  You have to convert them, move them to the next step.
  • Your four pillars are Visibility, Conversion, Followup, and Tracking.
  • There is still a ton of dentists that don’t have enough web presence.
  • Not only is google not telling us what people are searching for, what it is, it is a push towards their pay for click advertising.
  • Google is moving towards this omnipotent google that predicts and just knows what people are searching for, where they don’t want people optimizing their websites.
  • My father was a dentist.  That is how I got into it myself.
  • It’s unfortunate that you just can’t hang out your shingle and people will come to you, but its a factor of competition, and economics.  Why would they want to choose you?
  • You need to start advertising and go start advertising where people are looking.

People are looking overwhelmingly online.  Do you follow consumer trends?

  • What makes a patient want to go to you rather than the one down the road?  What makes you different?
  • When a consumer makes a decision, in the health care industry specifically, they’re looking at trust and perceived expertise.
  • Talk to people in the language they are speaking.
  • Do the same thing in your marketing.  Speak, as if you are speaking to a person.
  • Joe Polish: “Enter the conversation that is already happening.  Step into the conversation that the patient is already having in their head.”
  • Every dentist wants more time. Every dentist wants to communicate better with their patients.
  • There are two big benefits to video, one technical and one not.  The technical benefit to video is search engine ranking, its visibility.  The other thing that video does is it humanizes dentists.
  • If you want Medicare and Medicaid patients, put on your websites that you offer that, because you are going to attract those and repel others.

If you want to reach Colin Receveur is on the website, and the number is on the website as well.

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Dr. Bill Williams’ Bold Biography

Quotes & Notes:

  • When I say I’m practicing full time, it means I’m producing full time in part time hours.  If I can produce full time and still have free time at the same time, then that is the best of both worlds. Dr. Bill Williams' Bold Biography - Relentless Dentist Podcast
  • “You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read” – Charlie Tremendous Jones.
  • First you have to find a mentor when you are green, when you are a rookie… and then you have to be a mentor for others as you season, when you learn the lay of the land.
  • Keep a balanced life.  Every part of your life has to be supported by someone who has been there before you.
  • I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but lived around the whole south.  I lived in 30 houses by the time I was 18.
  • I was working since I was 14 years old.
  • In my childhood it [the most influential person] was my scout-leader.  I had an eagle scout as my scoutmaster who was a medical student. 
  • I went from zero to about a million and a half in the first 23 years of practice back in the 70s and 80s.
  • Don’t ever finance a sale yourself, because you will never be free.
  • The first thing you really want to focus on is becoming an expert in every area of dentistry that you can.  At some point in time you will have to learn business and marketing.
  • Hang around people that know how to do it [marketers and entrepreneurs].  Choosing mentors that aren’t dentists.
  • One way we like to give back is by doing the Deserving Divas where we do multiple full mouth makeovers for free.  It transforms their lives and makes us feel good.
  • I felt like I got more out of the mission trip, then doing the makeovers.  They don’t have access to simple things such as pulling a tooth.
  • I often say to my associates that I don’t sweat. I don’t fear doing anything in dentistry.
  • If you have it made, why risk it.
  • I thought I knew more, and went ahead and blew it all.  Over the next decade, I probably went and lost everything I had.
  • Dr. Bill Williams would recommend his book Marketing the Million Dollar Practice; 27 steps to grow your practice half a million dollars a year”
  • Get outside of that box, whatever box you are in.  Take a class from a person who is more successful than you.  If you want to be a millionaire you need to learn from a billionaire.  You have to go beyond, don’t just do the same things you have always done.
  • Set big goals each year and work on your 90-day plans.
  • Be found everywhere and be found often.
  • You can reach Dr. Bill Williams in a Multitude of places:

The Bold Biography of Jerry Jones

Quotes and Notes:

  • I have big, audacious, hairy goals that drive me.Jerry Jones
  • My parents told me whatever I want to do, I can do it.
  • I never questioned if it should or could be done, I just got to work.
  • You have it better [life] than you will ever have it, so suck it up and get working.
  • There are a lack of people who will say “Shut up and do your job.”
  • I have spent well over 150 approaching 200 thousand dollars on marketing education.
  • My goal is 500 franchises in five years.
  • When you do something and you do it right, the response drives the business.
  • I filed bankruptcy once and that is something I will never do again.
  • Like everything that beats me up, yep it made me stronger, but it also gave me a better appreciation of running a business the way that they should be ran.
  • There are no rewards for the meek, or the weak, or the timid.  If you are not willing to be bold, you are not going to win.
  • I have always looked at failures as opportunities.
  • If you want something, get off your butt and go get it.
  • Jerry Jones recommends his book, 24 Mistakes Doctors Make for every dentist to read.
  • You can reach Jerry Jones at as well as on

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